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WOW! Just noticed I reached 50K page views! Cannot say thank you enough to all the people who have liked, commented and spread the word about my work. I sincerely appreciate it! Hope everyone has an awesome Halloween! Here's to another 50,000! :D

Special thanks to :icongor0n: for a lot of features of my work on his site icon!

:party: :dance:
My wall is "Wallpaper of The Day"! #thesmallthings :D
THANK YOU to all my friends, watchers and people just stopping by! 40,000 page views is an awesome feeling! It means at least I got a little buzz going. LOL Seriously though, I appreciate all your downloads, comments and favorites! Here's to another 40,000 views! :D :party:
Thanks for the submissions! I chose the person who displayed the most creativity and style in regards to my criteria. Now all my "remixes" I download are not missing album art. :P Checkout the winner here, --> :D
I have a contest over on Dribbble for an invite I'm looking to hook someone up with! PLEASE pass the word along if you know someone who is interested. If your looking for one yourself then don't forget to ENTER by following the instructions! Thanks!

Here's the link to the details  -->
to show off your desktop. Here's mine ==> =D
My iPad. Never really used it so won't be making alot of iPad walls. Will upgrade to the iPad2 pending basically if the iPhone5 is announced in September. (crosses fingers). :P
2 Dribbble invites. I'll be putting my feelers out to find someone who has a style I like and isn't already on Dribbble. Which is hard. If you know some people who's style I might like comment me and I'll check them out. Thanks!
WOW! I can't believe I have 500 uploads to deviantART. It's been an amazing year and a half of uploading my designs and seeing my progress even though it may be subtle. It started out as uploading my desktops because I loved wallpapers so much but once I got PS in December of 2009 I was hooked and took to graphic design like a duck in water. Even with no training. I have a far way to go to reach some of the levels many of my friends have reached here but like everything I'm a WIP. I have made MANY design friends and networked with people around the world. I love that as a design community we are so much alike even though we may never meet face to face. Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL the people who have faved, commented and gave me llamas! :P I really appreciate all the support and love here. You all rock! Here's to another 500!


That is all. Sorry for the randomness.
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Ok, this journal is more of a rant. The deviation I am going to link might not be available once it's removed because i reported it.

I am so sick of people ripping other people's work. As a designer I find it frustrating as hell. ALL of my work is free to use and mod. However that doesn't mean you can just download a wallpaper and release it as your own without credit. Of course I wouldn't really care if they at least ASKED.

Here's the example I reported --->…

Here's my friend Dominic Kamp's original photo (which is copyrighted) --->…

Which as you can see is the SAME photo. He packaged it, made a preview and released it. Even asking for "faves" and "likes". Another person I bitched out used the BS excuse that; "I'm just sharing it". Now I realize they're probably 13 or whatever but I get so frustrated just because someone finds a high quality pic somewhere on the internet they think it's free to use and release. Especially when it's from a WELL KNOWN photographer and they're releasing it on a VERY popular designer website. FAIL in of itself. All I'm asking or getting to I guess is just please look for each other. I think I do a pretty good job and you better believe if I see any of my designer friend'd work being released like that I'll be going Judge Judy on their ass as well. =D

Thanks for reading.
Rant over.


Great success! =D
To my surprise :iconallucard9: is currently stuck in Japan. I found out while chatting with him on iChat. I had no idea. He's a great friend of mine and I'm sure many other of you here on deviantART. He is doing well and wasn't injured but I can only imagine what he is experiencing. Sure there are millions of others stuck and scared in that natural disaster but I'm asking you to drop him a line and wish him the best on his safe travels back home to Mexico. He was here when the quake/tsunami hit… confident that he'll appreciate you taking the time to do so. So click his icon above and do that for me. Thank you!
I have 10 Designmoo invites up for grabs is some deviantART peeps are interested. If you don't know what Designmoo already is please don't ask for an invite. Reason being is I want people who are looking to PARTICIPATE and share goodies with other designers not just lurkers. No harm intended. =D Send me a note with your NAME and CORRECT E-MAIL. Thanks!

Nothing design related but I found a new creative outlet. (drumroll) I opened Garageband for the first time EVER tonight and within 5 minutes of playing around whipped this up. Is it amazing? No, but I think this will be fun and interesting. Maybe I'll whip up some iPhone ringtones. =D

Check it out --->
I have 5 invites for

I have 2 invites for

I have 2 invites for

I hope the person gets back to me for the 1 Dribbble invitation I have. (crosses fingers) *This invite is not available.*

First come first serve and leave a comment with the invite you want. I will reply to your comment and to people reading the journal if you see 5 people have asked for the invites for example don't ask if you can have on because OBVIOUSLY I don't have another invite. :thumbsup:. Thanks!
I am so exited to have my site up with a refreshed and more portfolio looking design. A fellow Dribbbler helped me design and code it. =D Check it out here,

You all might already know Dominic Kamp but if you don't consider yourself informed. He is an AMAZING photographer who's photos are mainly released as wallpapers. Checkout his site here, You'd be surprised once you know his work how many other people on deviantArt release it without credit. =D Enjoy!
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I'll be moving to LA. Anyone know someone in the "biz" that may be able to help me out land a decent job please note me and I will be forever grateful. =D Also if you live in LA hit me up as I'm looking for a roommate or apartment. Checkout my quick post on the move and why I'm doing it here from my Tumblr,…

Thanks! I've always been grateful to my deviantArt friends. Such a loving community! :hug:
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Hey I have 4 invites for It's an awesome site for sharing your iPhone/iPad homescreens that has some great things in the works so stay tuned! Currently the site is invite only so the first 4 people to reply get an invite. Thanks! =D
I've been unhappy at my job in banking so I quit and am so excited for my interview at Apple on Wednesday! Hope I get it! This is my year and I am going to start looking out for myself more! I suggest you do the same! You only live once!

(Hope I get it!)
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